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Tim Kendall Toronto

Tim Kendall - Baseball Scout

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Certified baseball scout, Tim Kendall loves to compete. In fact, he lives for it. It drives him to be the best at whatever he’s doing whether it’s in the wrestling ring, or in his greatest passion, baseball.  He’s a versatile self-starter equally adept in marketing, public relations or brand promotion.   Tim Kendall is a Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau certified scout and respected baseball instructor. In 2016, Tim Kendall assisted an MLB organization in preparation for the June amateur draft.  That experience presented a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.    The amateur draft is the main way for assigning amateur baseball players, from high schools, colleges, and other amateur baseball clubs, to its teams.   There are many details that must be dealt with and for Tim, the experience was one of the most rewarding of his life. He has covered amateur games in Canada and the Northeast region in addition to being a hitting instructor.   As a baseball instructor, Tim has worked with several rep and travel teams and shared his knowledge with players of all ages, as well as fellow coaches and instructors.   While proficient in all areas of the game, he takes special interest in hitting, specifically from a biomechanical perspective.    Tim’s passion for baseball is what inspires him to serve as an ambassador for the game. He wants, more than anything, to share his passion, expertise and love of the sport on an international level.  Currently, Tim’s an independent scout.     Evaluating talent is the job he’s trained to do except that for Tim, it’s more than just a ‘job’, it’s a calling. He loves watching baseball players with an eye toward identifying the mental and physical tools that can elevate an athlete to levels that stand head and shoulders above their peers.     Tim takes particular pride in identifying the intangibles, the attributes that go beyond the statistics. He knows as well as anyone that some of the greatest ballplayers in the game didn’t have eye-popping minor league numbers.  Who could forget draft pick number 1,390 in 1988?  Mike Piazza is a legend, not just because he’s elected to the Hall of Fame, but because so many scouts failed to spot those intangibles that would eventually make Piazza a perennial All-Star.   Anyone can read statistics. Tim strives everyday to spot the attributes that, as in the case of Mike Piazza, sometimes go unnoticed by all but a select few. It’s about winning in all respects because, as we’ve seen, athletes must exhibit the proper attitude if they want to be the best.  Scouts too must have talent in order to serve the game and their organizations in a way that advances the goals of their respective teams.   Tim is a retired professional wrestler and has used his experience in that sport to bring an emphasis on strength and conditioning to players he works with.  The years he spent honing his skills as a wrestler are now serving him well as a baseball scout.   Tim looks forward to advancing his baseball-scouting career in the next chapter of his professional life. 

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